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Welcome to Saint Paul's Orthodox Church of Greater Orlando!

We meet once a month for prayer meeting at residences of a parish member. Annual Feast of our Church falls on June 29, Peter and Paul's Day, the culmination of Apostles' Fasting. Name of our Church is derived from our Patron Saint, St. Paul, which has a great significance. Life of St. Paul teaches us that God does great things through little and feeble ones against all kinds of odds. Our Church is also a solid example for the fact that God is acting even today the same way to spread His Kingdom. Our Church is a great place of solace for everyone, who wants to call upon God to get to the coast swimming against all kinds of odds in life.


MOSC Constitution Amendmented
MOSC Constitution
  • Jan


    Sunday School Regional Written Competition 2013

    St. Paul's Sunday School won the first prize for the 2013 Regional Written Competition.


  • Dec


    New Year Service

    New Year Service will begin with evening prayers @ 7:30 pm followed by Holy Qurbana & Vigil.

    We will welcome 2014 with Fireworks after Vigil.

  • Jan-Dec


    Birthday Bible verse

    Look up your birth date and see what Bible verse corresponds to it. ... I haven't seen this before. Did you know that the Bible has a special verse for everyone's birthday? Look up your verse !